Multifunctional angle cock closing preventing device for train


  • Inventors: ZHANG BAOLIN
  • Assignees: 张宝林
  • Publication Date: September 08, 1993
  • Publication Number: CN-2141784-Y


一种多功能防列车折角塞门关闭装置,它由阀 体、阀芯、报警器、均衡减压阀组成。阀体经向端有 进、出、排气管,且垂直成T形,在同一平面,其内的 阀芯经向有与进、出气管同轴相通的导孔,与导孔垂 直成T形相通有连通孔。排气管接报警器,报警器 接均衡减压阀前端,出气管中部有回流管接均衡减压 阀后端。 该装置结构简单,改装容易,当非正常性关闭该 装置时,能立时报警和紧急制动,保证列车安全运 行。
The utility model relates to a multifunctional angle cock closing preventing device for trains, comprising a valve body, a valve core, an alarm and an equalizing pressure reducing valve; The warp directional end of the valve body is provided with an air inlet, an air outlet and an air exhaust pipes which are vertically in the shapes of T and are positioned in the same plane. The warp direction of the valve core in the utility model is provided with an air inlet pipe, an air outlet pipe and a guiding hole which is communicated with a shaft. The valve core and the guiding hole are vertically form a T shape, and the valve core is communicated with an interconnecting hole. The air exhaust pipe is connected with the alarm, and the alarm is connected with the front end of a balanced reducing valve. The middle part of the air outlet pipe is provided with a refluxing pipe which is connected with the back end of the balanced reducing valve. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and easy improvement. When normally closing the device, the utility model can alarm and carry out emergency brake in time, which ensures the safe operation of the trains.




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