Multi-function box for bicycle theft-proof and alarm


  • Inventors: LIAN QIFENG
  • Assignees: 梁奇峰
  • Publication Date: September 01, 1993
  • Publication Number: CN-2141389-Y


The utility model relates to a multiple function box which is used for the theft prevention for a bicycle. The utility model is composed of a box body 1, a box cover 2 and a lock 3, wherein, the box cover 2 can turn around the edge of the box body 1 to be opened, the box cover 2 and the box body 1 are closed to form a fully sealed box, and the inner part of the box cover 2 is provided with an alarm circuit 5 which is utilized to prevent the theft. The utility model has the advantages of safe article storage and strong theft-preventing performance. Besides, the utility model can make an alarm when other person pushes the bicycle.
一种自行车防盗多功用箱,是由箱体1、箱盖2、 锁3构成,箱盖2可绕箱体1的边缘翻转打开,箱盖 2、箱体1盖合后为全封闭箱,在箱盖2内安装防盗报 警电路5,其优点是盛物安全,外人推动自行车会报 警,防盗性强。




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