Flat evaporator of aluminuem alloy



本实用新型是食品冻结、冷藏、冷却用的蒸发器, 主要解决蒸发器与制冷剂供液/回汽管接头衔接处 影响连续速冻装置移送被冻物的问题,本实用新型的 特征是平板蒸发器两端向相同的侧面做成弧状转弯 或将制冷剂通道两端口朝下设置。本实用新型特别 适用于连续式钢带平板鼓风速冻装置。
The utility model relates to an evaporator for freezing, refrigerating and cooling the food, which mainly solves the problem that the connecting position of the evaporator and the joint of a refrigerant feed liquid / return tube influences the transfer of the frozen articles by a continuous quick-freezing device. The utility model is characterized in that both ends of a flat evaporator are made into the arc turning to the same side, or the two end ports of a refrigerant passage are arranged downwards. The utility model is applicable for the continuous steel belt flat air blast quick-freezing device in particular.




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