Automatic changing pattern and colour magic lantern


  • Inventors: YIN SHUNXIANG
  • Assignees: 尹顺祥
  • Publication Date: August 25, 1993
  • Publication Number: CN-2141020-Y


本实用新型属于一种自动变换图案和色彩的幻 彩灯,由光源、反光镜、幻灯片架、槽轮、拨轮、低速电 机等组成,其主要特征是幻灯片架上开有幻灯片孔, 槽轮上设置与幻灯片孔相等数量的槽,拨轮上固定有 拨杆,拨杆活动于槽内,幻灯片架通过槽轮、拨轮在低 速电机的带动下能自动定时旋转,从而变换不同的色 彩和图案,给娱乐活动制造艺术气氛,本实用新型结 构简单,制作容易,适合舞厅、卡拉OK、晚会等场合 使用。
The utility model relates to an automatic changing pattern and color magic lantern, which is composed of a light source, a reflective mirror, a magic lantern frame, a grooved wheel, a driving wheel, a low-speed motor, etc. The automatic changing pattern and color magic lantern is characterized in that a magic lantern holes are opened on the magic lantern frame; grooves whose numbers are the same to those of the magic lantern hole are arranged on the grooved wheel; a driving lever is fixed on the driving wheel and moves in the groove; the magic lantern frame can automatically rotate at a certain time under the driving of the low-speed motor through the grooved wheel and the driving wheel; consequently, different colors and patterns are changed, which creates artistic atmosphere for recreational activities. The utility model has the advantage of simple structure and easy fabrication, and is suitable for being used in the occasions of dance halls, karaoke, evening parties, etc.




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