Protective electronic garments


  • Inventors: SONG GUANGZHI
  • Assignees: 宋广智
  • Publication Date: August 25, 1993
  • Publication Number: CN-2140625-Y


The utility model provides a protective electronic garment which comprises facing material, discharge electrodes and an insulated lining, wherein, the discharge electrodes are connected with a small-sized high voltage generator which is connected with a power supply through a power supply switch. Compared with the existing protective electronic garment, the utility model is characterized in that the discharge electrodes are made of conducting material which has good stretchability and good folding performance, and the discharge electrodes are firmly sewed on the insulated lining; the discharge electrodes are distributed on the parts of the whole body (comprising sleeves) which are easily attacked to cause the front and back bodies and both arms to be protected, and interfaces which are abutted with a pair of matched electric shock gloves are arranged on cuffs. The switch is smartly controlled in the hands. The utility model has the advantages of multiple electric shock parts, great defense power, firmness, high durability, flexible operation, kneading resistance, and folding resistance.
本实用新型提供了一种全部位防卫电子服,它包 括面料,放电电极,绝缘衬里儿。放电电极与一小型 高压发生器连接,高压发生器通过电源开关与电源连 接。本服装与现有电子防卫服的不同点是:放电电极 采用拉伸性柔折性都很好的导电材料,并牢固地缝纫 在绝缘衬布上,并布设在全身容易受攻击的各部位包 括衣袖,使前后身与双臂都能得到防护,并且在袖口 留有与配套电击手套对接的接口。开关灵活地控制 在手上。优点是电击部位多,防卫威力大,不怕柔折、 坚固耐用,使用灵活。




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