Discharging pusher carriage for annealing furnace



The utility model provides a discharging pusher carriage for an annealing furnace, which is used for pushing materials which are sent out from the annealing furnace and stayed on the roller way platform shelf into a material frame plug bunker. The utility model comprises a driving device, a gearing device, a material pushing flat-car frame and wheel assemblies. The utility model is characterized in that a material pushing car which can be moved back and forth is made up of the material pushing plate, the car frame and the wheel assemblies. An original technological process and operation habit can not be changed by the usage of the discharging pusher carriage for an annealing furnace, and the motion is reliable because of the assured motion track. Thus the quality of the material pushing and the productivity can be improved.
本实用新型提供了一种退火炉出炉推料车。应 用于把从退火炉中送出后停留在辊道台架上的料推 进料框塞料斗里。它由驱动、传动装置、推料板车架、 车轮组件组成,特点是推料板与车架、车轮组件组成 一个可以沿固定轨道往复运动的推料车。它的应用 不改变原有工艺及操作习惯,而且因运动轨迹确定而 运动可靠,可提高推料质量和提高劳动生产率。




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