Strap for bundling garlic bolt to put in storehouse



一种蒜苔入库捆扎带,成长条形带状,可以由软 布制成,一端正面缝制有尼龙粘合带母扣,另一端反 面缝制有尼龙粘合带子扣,本实用新型结构简单,制 作成本低,使用方便,捆扎蒜苔运送入库上架,可避免 蒜苔散把落地,脚踏车轧,解决了恒温库蒜苔入库常 造成严重损失的问题。
The utility model relates to a strap for bundling garlic sprouts to put in storehouse. The utility model is in long-strip strap shape, and can be made of soft cloth. The front side of one end of the utility model is tailored with a nylon mother button with an adhesive strap, and the back side of the other end is tailored with a nylon son button with an adhesive strap. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, and convenient operation. When the utility model is used for bundling garlic sprouts and conveying the garlic sprouts into a storehouse or putting the garlic sprouts on a shelf, the utility model can avoid the bundled garlic sprouts separating and falling on the ground, foot pedaling and vehicles rolling. The utility model solves the problem that the garlic sprouts often cause serious loss in the process of being put into a constant temperature storehouse.




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