Medical bottle cap



医用玻璃瓶瓶盖,它主要涉及医学药盒试剂玻璃 瓶及盛放液体药品的玻璃瓶瓶盖。它是由铝盖、拉 手、连接轴、扇形压痕块组成。不需要任何工具,就能 根据需要,用手拉动拉环,绕连接轴转动180度,向上 抬拉就可将铝盖的一部分或全部拉(开)掉。本实用 新型结构简单,使用方便,能减少放射性物质及有害 物质对环境、对人体的污染、侵害。
The utility model relates to a medical bottle cap, mainly relating to the reagent glass bottle of a medical medicine box and the bottle cap of a glass bottle for containing liquid medicine, comprising an aluminium cap, a pull handle, a connecting shaft, and a fan-shaped impression block. The pull ring is pulled by hand, rotated around the connecting shaft by 180 DEG and upwards lifted and pulled, and partial or the entire aluminium cap can be removed according to requirements without using any tool. The utility model has simple structure and convenient operation; the pollution and the damage caused by the radioactive substances and the harmful substances for the environment and the human body can be reduced.




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