Skid chain for car


  • Inventors: QU YANTANG
  • Assignees: 曲延堂
  • Publication Date: June 30, 1993
  • Publication Number: CN-2137214-Y


一种汽车防滑链,主要结构采用钢丝绳,链环是 钢丝绳,螺旋弹簧,金属套筒组成的复合结构,充分发 挥了钢丝绳的坚韧,套筒的耐磨,弹簧的适应能力强 等优点,且允许套筒相对胎面有适当滚动,因而对胎 面磨损又轻又均匀,整个装置具有自重轻、寿命长,使 用方便,制造工艺简单等特点,经在各种路面行车试 测,运行良好。
The utility model provides a skid chain for a car, whose main structure adopts wire ropes. The ring of the chain is formed by the composite structure of wire ropes, a screw spring and a metal sleeve barrel. The utility model exerts the advantages of tough wire ropes, antiwear sleeve barrel, spring and strong adaptability sufficiently. The sleeve barrel rolling appropriately relative to the tyre surface of the car is permitted. As a result, the abrasion of the tyre surface is light and uniform. The entire device has the advantages of light dead weight, long life time, convenient operation, simple manufacturing process, etc. The skid chain for the car runs well after the test that the car with the skid chain runs on various roadway.




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