Heating type massage abdomen belt for person's fat-decrease


  • Inventors: ZHAO ZHIJUN
  • Assignees: 赵志君
  • Publication Date: June 30, 1993
  • Publication Number: CN-2137150-Y


加热按摩减肥腹带涉及一种按摩减肥装置,它由 加热腹带及振动器组成。其特点是结构合理,体积 小、重量轻、便于携带与使用,工作与休息均可使用, 减肥速度快,无不良副作用,可增加皮肤的弹性及光 洁度;造价低廉,便于推广。
The utility model discloses a heating type massage abdominal belt for person's fat-decrease, relating to a massaging and fat-decreasing apparatus, composed of a heating abdominal belt and a vibrator. The utility model is characterized in that the heating type massage abdominal belt for person's fat-decrease has reasonable structure, small size, light weight, convenient transport and use, high fat-decreasing speed, and low cost, is respectively used in operation and rest, doesn't have side effect, and can improve dermal elasticity and smoothness.




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