Book-ends made up of steel bar


  • Inventors: SUN JIHONG
  • Assignees: 孙继红
  • Publication Date: June 30, 1993
  • Publication Number: CN-2137108-Y


一种铁丝框型书挡,它由后框、前框和加强梁组 成,后框平面与前框平面垂直,其间的距离与配套使 用的书架后横梁同宽,使用时只需将前后框扦入到书 架后横梁上。
The utility model relates to a book file forming a shape of a steel frame, composed of a rear frame, a front frame and a strengthening girder. The plane of the rear frame is vertical to the plane of the front frame, and the width of the distance between the rear frame and the front frame is the same of that of the rear cross girder of a bookstand which is used in a matching way. When used, the front frame and the rear frame can be brought to the rear cross girder.




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