Multiway rotary valve



The utility model relates to a multi-way valve used on a water industrial device. The utility model is characterized in that an upper valve body (4) is provided with at least more than three water entering division paths (6) and a water discharging path (17). A water discharging abdominal cavity (14) and a water charging abdominal cavity (11) are separated by a sealing component (15). A timing device (19) is electrically connected with an electric device (2). A rotating axle (5) is connected with a positioning device (1), the electric device (2) and a valve core (10). The utility model has the advantages of high automation degree, safe and reliable work, simple structure, adjustable process flow time, low cost, etc. In addition, the utility model also has the advantage that one valve can replace a plurality of valves.
本实用新型涉及水工业设备上使用的多通阀。 其主要技术特征是上阀体(4)上开有至少三个以上进 水分流通道(6)和一个排水通道(17),排水腹腔(14) 与进水腹腔(11)隔置有密封件(15),定时装置(19)与 电动装置(2)电连接,转轴(5)与定位装置(1)、电动装 置(2)、阀芯(10)联接。本实用新型具有一阀代替多 阀,自动化程度高、工作安全可靠、结构简单、工艺流 程时间可调、造价低等优点。




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