Wire wheel brush



The utility model provides a metal-wire wheel brush, and is characterized in that a plurality of the metal wires are wrung in integration to be used as a brush wire which is used for increasing the strength of the brush wire. The edge of an outer casing is rolled to make the edge of the outer smooth and the edge of the outer do not cut the brush wire. After the two measures are adopted, when the utility model is rotated, the brush wire is not broken. The utility model is installed on a portable sander for lapping, clearing sand, derusting, etc.
本实用新型提供了一种金属丝轮刷,其技术要点 是:将若干根金属丝拧成一股,作为刷丝,用来增加刷 丝的强度;外壳边缘卷边,使外壳边缘平滑、不割刷 丝。采取上述两个措施后,本实用新型在旋转时,刷 丝不断。把本实用新型安装在手提式磨光机上,用于 研磨、清砂和除锈等。




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