Anti-leakage cover for sewer inlet



In the building construction, the leakage phenomenon of the sewer inlets of toilets, kitchens, etc. is common. In order to prevent the leakage, the utility model designs an anti-leakage cover for a sewer inlet. The utility model is composed of a protective wall and a protective brim connected with one end of the protective wall. The external profile diameter of the protective brim is bigger than the diameter of a preformed hole. The anti-leakage cover for a sewer inlet is arranged at the intersection of the sewer line and the ground, which stops the leakage happening.
在房屋建筑中,卫生间、厨房等下水口处渗漏是 普遍的通病。本实用新型是为防止这种渗漏而设计 的一种下水口防渗漏护套。本实用新型由呈圆筒状 的护壁和与护壁的一端垂直相连其外缘直径大于预 留孔直径的护檐组成。本实用新型安装在下水管道 与地面的交接处,杜绝了渗漏的发生。




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