Automatic inspector for voltage-regulating switch of electric locomotives



The utility model relates to an automatic inspector for a voltage-regulating switch of electric locomotives, comprising the computer part of an STDBUS bus functional module which adopts Z80ACPU as a core, a controlling switch panel, a photoelectric angle sensor, a TZ contacting resistance inspector and an A/D converter. The utility model can inspect the voltage-regulating switch when the voltage-regulating switch is in operation or to get down, the open-close angle of the main contact of the voltage-regulating switch, a contact resistance, the logic state of an auxiliary interlock, the action time of the voltage-regulating switch, the text of advance and retreat grade of the voltage-regulating switch, etc. can be inspected. The application of the utility model, which has the advantages of realization of automatic inspecting operation of the performance indexes of the voltage-regulating switch, high precision, high quality and safe operation, can effectively raise the examining and repairing quality of the voltage-regulating switch.
本实用新型涉及一种电力机车调压开关自动检 测仪,它是由以Z80ACPU为核心的STD BUS总线 功能模块的计算机部分、控制转换板、光电角度传感 器、TZ接触电阻测试仪和A/D转换器组成。它可 对运用中的和下车的调压开关进行测试,测试调压开 关的主触头的开闭角度,接触电阻,辅助联锁逻辑状 态,调压开关的动作时间及进退级试验等。它的优点 是能够实现对调压开关各项性能指标的自动检测工 作,检测精度高。它的应用将有效地提高调压开关的 检修质量,对机车高质量,安全可靠的运行有重要的 意义。




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