Notebook with decorative cover


  • Inventors: WANG TAO
  • Assignees: 王涛
  • Publication Date: May 05, 1993
  • Publication Number: CN-2131687-Y


The utility model relates to a notebook with a decorative cover which is characterized in that the upper-right side and the lower-left side of an outer cover is respectively provide with the pen caps of structure image, and the inside of the pen cap is provided with a pen. The main use of the utility model is that the pen and the notebook are combined into integration, preventing the separation of the pen and the notebook. The utility model has the advantages of convenient portability and easy use.
本实用新型涉及一种笔记本装饰皮,它的主要特 征是在外夹皮右边上侧及左边下侧分别具有结构象 的笔帽,在笔帽内具有笔,它的主要用途是使笔、本结 为一体,防止两分离,携带使用方便。




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