Hand vacuum cleaner



手动除尘器涉及一种用于清除室内地面或墙面 上的灰尘杂物的除尘工具,由内骨架、外壳、除尘辊、 驱动胶轮和蓄尘盒构成。在地面或墙面上推动除尘 器时,可使驱动胶轮与除尘辊摩擦塑料轮互相摩擦并 使除尘辊绕其中心轴转动,将地面或墙面上的尘土杂 物扫入除尘辊两侧的蓄尘盒内。本实用新型结构简 单、操作方便、噪音小,不需工作电源。因此,本实用 新型特别适合于家庭中用于清除地面或墙面上的灰 尘和其它杂物。
The utility model discloses a hand vacuum cleaner, relating to a dust removing tool for cleaning dust and foreign matters on indoor floors and wall surfaces, comprising an inner framework, a case, a cleaning roller, driving rubber wheel and dust storage boxes. When pushing the vacuum cleaner on the floors or wall surfaces, the driving rubber wheel and a frictional plastic wheel the cleaning roller can mutually rubbed and drive the cleaning roller to rotate around a central shaft. The dust and the foreign matters on the floors and the wall surfaces can be swept into the dust storage boxes at both sides. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and little noise. A working power supply is not required. Therefore, the utility model is particularly suitable for families to clean the dust and other foreign matters on the floors and the wall surfaces.




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