Key switch



The utility model discloses a key switch, comprising keys, a clamping plate, a pressure sheet, a switch support, a pinch plate, a self locking plate, a key reset compressed spring, a pinch plate reset compressed spring, and a circuit. The key switch is characterized in that a 'U'-shapedd support plate is omitted through the switch support comprising a support plate and a circuit bottom plate which are directly and respectively rolled out from both ends of the support; a deflexed arranging arm which is used for arranging the circuit bottom plate and the pinch plate is fixed with the circuit bottom plate and is movably connected with the pinch plate, adopting a single layer key, and the inner core of the key is omitted. The key switch has the advantages that the structure is simplified, the material is saved, and simultaneously, the art is simplified; the intensity of the key switch can not be affected, and the working reliability and security of the switch can be improved.
一种琴键开关,由琴键、卡板、压片、开关支架、扣 板、自锁板、琴键复位压簧、扣板复位压簧和线路组 成,其特征在于开关支架省去“U”形支板,由支架板 和线路底板组成,直接在支架两端分别轧出,下弯的 用于安装线路底板和扣板的安装臂,与线路底板固 定,而与扣板活动联接,并采用单层琴键,省去琴键内 芯。其优点是简化了结构,节省了材料,同时,又简化 了工艺,不但不影响琴键开关的强度,还能提高开关 工作的可靠性及安全性。




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