Heating radiating fin


  • Inventors: WANG YINGFANG
  • Assignees: 王英放
  • Publication Date: April 28, 1993
  • Publication Number: CN-2131084-Y


The utility model discloses a radiating fin for civil heating. The radiating fin can be arranged on a standard conduit. The radiating fin is provided with a large quantity of radiating ribs to increase surface areas. One side of each radiating fin is provided with an arc-shaped face which is engaged with the outer diameter of the standard conduit. The arc-shaped face on the radiating fin is appressed to the outer diameter of the standard conduit by screws (rivets) or other methods; the radiating fin is surrounded at the outside of the standard conduit, which can obtain a radiating purpose. Pressure in a tube is bore by the conduit. The utility model has the advantages of convenience, safety, reliability, and beauty. When the radiating fin is installed on an upright main tube, compared with the existing heaters of different models, the utility model can omit the occupied areas of the heater and a branch tube connected with the heater, and raises the utilization ratio of building areas.
本实用新型公开了一种用于民用取暖,可安装在 标准管道上的散热片。 散热片具有大量散热筋以增加其表面积。在每 个散热片一侧,有与标准管道外径吻合的弧形面。用 螺(铆)钉或其它方法使散热片上的弧形面贴紧在标 准管道的外径上,将散热片包围在标准管道外即可达 到散热的目的。管内压力由管道承担。方便、安全、 可靠、美观。当散热片安装在竖立的干管上使用时, 较现有各型取暖器可以省去取暖器及与其相连的支 管所占有的面积,提高建筑面积利用率。




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