Winter-protecting unfreeze temp.-self-controlling electric-heating case



The utility model discloses a winter-protecting unfreezing temperature-self-controlling electric-heating cover, comprising an external power, electrical heating elements, etc. The utility model is characterized in that the winter-protecting unfreezing temperature-self-controlling electric-heating cover is composed of a water and oil proof layer, a heat-insulating layer, an electric heating layer, internal and external protective layers, etc. The temperature-self-controlling electric-heating layer is fixed in the heating cover; a slide fastener sealing is stitched around the cover. The utility model can be made into different shapes according to the different shapes of the easy freezing positions of the transport machinery, engineering machinery and equipment. The temperature-self-controlling protective cover is composed of the transmission line connected with the electric source.
一种自控温防寒解冻电热保温套,由外接电源及 电热元件等组成,其特征在于:所述的电热套是由防 水防油层、保温层、电热层、内外保护层等构成,将自 控温电热层放入保温套中固定,在套周围缝有拉链封 口,可根据运输机械、工程机械及设备易冻结部位形 状不同制成不同形状,通过传输线与电源连接构成自 控温电热套。




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