Cap-type anti-imitation device used in easy-to-open ring on plastic bottle



易拉环在翼环上的塑料瓶的罩式防假装置,其结 构特点是瓶颈部设有与瓶身制成一体的翼环,又在瓶 子封盖后加设防假罩,装配时将罩体的凸缘一次性焊 接或胶接在翼环上。翼环上制有易拉环。使用本装 置的塑料瓶只须拉开易拉环即可开盖饮用。由于易 拉环一经拉开,翼环即被破坏使得瓶子成为一次性 的。解决了不法分子利用矿泉水、可乐等饮料原装瓶 造假的问题。本装置结构新颖,给广大顾客提供了安 全感,有利于提高饮料生产厂家的信誉,扩大市场销 路。
The utility model relates to a cap-type anti-imitation device used in an easy-to-open ring on a plastic bottle on a wing ring. The utility model is structurally characterized in that a bottleneck part is provided with the wing ring made into integration with a bottle body; an anti-imitation cap is additionally arranged behind a bottle closing cap. When assembled, the flange of the cap body is welded or glued on the wing ring once; the wing ring is provided with the easy-to-open ring. The plastic bottle using the device can be opened to drink as long as opening the easy-to-open ring. The bottle is disposable because once the easy-to-open ring is opened, the wing ring is broken, and as a result, the utility model solves the problem of imitation by making use of the original bottles of the beverage, such as the mineral water, the coke, etc. by the lawbreakers. The utility model has the advantage of novel structure and provides high safety for the wide customers; the utility model is favorable to enhance the reputation of the beverage manufacturer and expand the market outlet.




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