Switch power supply circuit



The utility model relates to the field of a switch power supply circuit. The technical problem to be solved is to overcome the defects in the prior art and provide a switch power supply circuit whichcan reduce a withstanding voltage range of a PWM controller and has simple structure and low cost. The structure of the utility model is that: the switch power supply circuit comprises a rectificationcircuit, a transformer, a load, the PWM controller and a power supply circuit of the PWM controller; after being rectified by the rectification circuit, an alternating current is controlled by the PWM controller, and then is outputted to the load by a main winding of the transformer; the power supply circuit is an improved voltage drift circuit; and a power is connected to the PWM controller through the power supply circuit by an auxiliary winding of the transformer. The improved voltage drift circuit adopted as the power supply circuit of the PWM controller can shorten a variation range of the power supply circuit of the PWM controller and play a role in protecting the PWM controller.




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