Multifunctional energy-saving combustion system for gas stove


  • Inventors: JIA MINGQING
  • Assignees: 贾明清
  • Publication Date: March 24, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-201429119-Y


A multifunctional energy-saving combustion system for a gas stove comprises a flow regulating valve, a mixed gas flow guide pipe, a positioning screw rod and an igniter, wherein the flow regulating valve and the mixed gas flow guide pipe are connected with each other through two bolts and keep an appropriate distance; a central shaft in a gas outlet hole on the flow regulating valve coincides witha central shaft of the mixed gas flow guide pipe; the positioning screw rod is fixed on a central shaft at the top end of the mixed gas flow guide pipe; the igniter is mounted at the top end of the positioning screw rod and can axial move along the screw rod; a plurality of central fire holes are formed on the igniter and uniformly distributed along a central shaft of the igniter; a projection part is formed in the middle of the top part of the igniter; a threaded hole perpendicular to the central of the igniter is formed on the projection part; and a fastening screw clamped with the positioning screw rod is arranged on the threaded hole. Various combustible gases can be used as different gas sources or the same gas with different power, so that the combustion efficiency is improved, thethermal efficiency can reach about 70 percent, the safety of the gas stove is improved, and the structure is simple.




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