Double gate disc wear-resistant ceramic gate valve


  • Inventors: ZHOU GENZHANG
  • Assignees: 周根章
  • Publication Date: March 24, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-201428819-Y


The utility model relates to a double gate disc wear-resistant ceramic gate valve which is composed of an air cylinder, an air cylinder bracket, a seal part, a valve body and a three-way valve core base, an angular rotary air cylinder is tightly fixed on the air cylinder bracket, a tooth-staggered seal part is embedded in a seal part box integrated with the valve body into a whole, and is in tightfit with a push-pull rod, the double gate disc wear-resistant ceramic gate valve specially designs the seal part, not only has long wear and corrosion resistant time, but also greatly reduces the friction resistance, is not easy to have clamping situation, effectively solves the inner and outer leakage problems and realizes clean environment and the normal operation of the system.




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