Y-direction symmetrical and parallel driving structure of pattern stitching machine



The utility model discloses a Y-direction symmetrical and parallel driving structure of a pattern stitching machine, comprising a Y-direction drive shaft, a main driving yoke assembly, a main drivingtooth form belt pulley, a driving stepping motor, a toothed belt fixing assembly, a toothed belt, a fixing plate, a stretching bracket assembly, a connecting block and a Y-direction drive frame, the Y-direction drive shaft and the stretching bracket assembly are symmetrically arranged at two sides of the pattern stitching machine in parallel by the fixing plate and the main driving yoke assembly,the driving stepping motor is fixed on the fixing plate, the main driving tooth form belt pulley is arranged on a motor shaft of the driving stepping motor, the toothed belt fixing assembly drives thetoothed belt to be fixed on the Y-direction drive shaft which is fixed on the Y-direction drive frame by the connecting block. By adopting the symmetrical and parallel structure, unbalanced loading of moment and accumulative error of assembly of an A point and a B point along the Y direction are eliminated, so as to lead stitched patterns at two ends to be consistent.




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