Health underpants


  • Inventors: LI YONGTAO
  • Assignees: 李勇涛
  • Publication Date: March 17, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-201422410-Y


The utility model relates to health underpants, which can effectively solve the problems that the conventional underpants have uncomfortable wearing and are not healthy and the health function of theconventional health underpants is common. The health underpants comprise an underpants main body and an elastic band. The utility model is characterized in that: compound far infrared particles are distributed on a front crotch of the underpants; two biological permanent magnet wave plates are arranged on both sides of the compound far infrared particles; and an active energy source medicine coreis arranged between the two biological permanent magnet wave plates. The health underpants have simple and reasonable structure and obvious effect, are manufactured by combining the microelement radiation penetrating principle of the traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture points, the herbal medicine external application and the modern medicine, the physical magnetism cure principle and the far infrared biological wave ray penetrating principle, and have excellent market benefit and economic benefit.




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