Movable digital multimedia system


  • Inventors: WAN QIANGFENG
  • Assignees: 万强锋
  • Publication Date: March 10, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-201422165-Y


The utility model discloses a movable digital multimedia system comprising a service terminal and user terminals. The service terminal comprises a control module, an information mechanism module and acommunication module. The inlet of the information mechanism module is also a monitoring interface pointing to a connecting pool in the communication module. The control module is connected with theoutlet of the information mechanism module. The communication module is connected with the user terminals through a global positioning radio system (GPRS) network in an intelligent and intermittent type network connecting mode. The multimedia system based on radio Internet provides specific users with required information or advertisements in specific time and specific places. The multimedia system realizes different advertising effects according to the characteristics of commodities and users, and saves resources by adopting the intelligent and intermittent type connecting mode.




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